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21 & 22 March | 10:00 – 16:00

360° films with
Fabien Prioville

Siegburger Str. 233w | 50679 Cologne

Fabien Prioville’s Dance Company has been a pioneer in the field of virtual reality dance films for over six years. Their latest project “Dancing Audience” is the basis for a two-day workshop that teaches knowledge and practices in VR dance films.

Participants in the workshop will receive plenty of inspiration in practical demonstrations on how they can work and experiment with 360° environments for VR films. They will be encouraged to push the boundaries of traditional dance and storytelling through the lens of virtual reality.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of VR in a vivid and versatile way. Participants will be able to experience, explore and interact with the artist to gain insights into the means and tools that make innovative and creative work possible.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

However, due to the limited number of participants, registration is required: