Moovy Juni
Virtual Reality Dancefilms
Every day during the festival from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
totales tanz theater

Das Totale Tanz Theater 360
Germany, 2019
Directed by Maya Puig
Choreography: Richard Siegal

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Founded 100 years ago in Weimar, the Bauhaus’s influence on architecture, art, design and educational science can still be felt today. 100 years ago, the question of people’s role in the mechanical age was tackled on the Bauhaus stage in both artistic and experimental terms. Das Totale Tanz Theater has taken up the theme, exploring the question of the role of people in the digital age in the form of a virtual reality dance experience, inspired by the stage experiments of Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius, with choreography by Richard Siegal. A project of the Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome.

Rendez_Vous Cafe 3

Germany, 2020
Direction and choreography: Fabien Prioville

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The café in the Museum Ludwig turns into a virtual stage: visitors are put on glasses at a festively laid table and immerse themselves in another reality: they are observers of a choreography and at the same time experience the dance in a real way in the surrounding space.

devils lungs

Devil’s Lunghs
Finland, 2018
Directed by Alla Kovgan
Choreography: Reetta-Kaisa Iles in collaboration with Dance Theater Tsuumi

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Mystical stories about Finnish accordion collected by the accordion virtuoso and composer Anne-Mari Kivimäki; an eclectic mix of Finnish folk and contemporary dance traditions in the dazzling performances by choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles and Tsuumi Dance Theatre; fierce ethno-rock sounds of Kivimäki/Iles band “Puhti” inspired filmmaker Alla Kovgan to dive into virtual reality. The result is a surreal deadpan 3D VR 360º experience, challenging boundaries between traditional and contemporary, male and female, hellish and heavenly, ecstatic and everyday, celebrating power of women through Finnish music and dance.


Finland, 2018
Directed by Hanna Västinsalo
Choreography: Meeri Lempiäinen

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A 360 ° view of the uterus. Finnish filmmaker Hanna Västinsalo and choreographer Meeri Lempiäinen research the relationship between a pregnant dancer and her child.


Australia, 2018
Directed by Dominic Allen
Choreography: David Gulpilil

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A journey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander song and dance through time and space across Australia, from traditional ceremonial dance and song, towards intrinsically contemporary and modern expressions.
You’ll encounter the contemporary dancers of Bangarra performing at the Sydney Opera House, The Lonely Boys rocking out in Alice Springs, and performers of songs and dances used to share knowledge and culture for thousands of years. An affecting journey rich in ancient cultural significance, every bit as soaring as the viewing experience itself.

half life

Half life
Sweden, 2018
Directed by Robert Connor
Choreography: Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

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Two soloists making small, repetitive movements. Eleven other dancers then join them to form a cyborg-like ensemble, progressing as a unit through a series of angular movements and poses. They are like a swarm of bees working in unison, grouping and regrouping to the beat of minimal techno. But there’s one dancer who stands out from the rest. Could it be the queen? Virtual Reality adaptation of award winning choreographer Sharon Eyal’s critically acclaimed dance piece Half Life performed by the Royal Swedish Ballet.

Friday, July 24, 7 p.m
Short films

4 me
Israel, 2017
Direction and choreography: Roni Chadash

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The need to be 1, While having diverse 4.


LUCA (m / f / x)
Germany, 2019
Directed by Hannah Schwaiger and Ricarda Funnemann

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Luca (m / f / x) portrays a young actor and dancer who has never been interested in gender roles. The viewer gets an idea of Lucas’ beliefs, the longing for freedom and his struggle on the way there. Luca (m / f / x) is the first documentary work by Ricarda Funnemann and Hannah Schwaiger.


The Netherlands, 2018
Directed by Sergio Gridelli
Choreography: Andreas Denk, Josephine van Rheenen

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Henk leads an idiosyncratic and eccentric life. When a young woman unexpectedly enters into his world, he is forced to face the confrontation.


The Gods Of Tiny Things
Australia, 2019
Directed by Deborah Kelly

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The current multiplicity of threats to life; the shift to the right across the political world, the tolls of colonialism, climate catastrophe, human profligacy, and conversely the dynamic, kaleidoscopic pleasures and desires of life itself, at all scales, in all its teeming, prancing, hectic, dancing, clamouring fertility.

oh million fist

Oh! Million fist!
Hong Kong, 2017
Directed by Hugh Cho
Choreography: City Contemporary Dance Company

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Dance and martial arts share the same origin. Having practised martial arts for years, a long term practitioner of martial arts, dancer Hugh Cho collaborates with fight director Master Yuen Fai to develop a choreography based on fight scenarios. Playing with camera angles and speed of movement, Cho and Yuen merge dance with action movie and its shooting technique to create a new kind of screendance.


Israel, 2012
Direction and choreography: Daphna Mero

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Luca (m / f / x) portrays a young actor and dancer who has never been interested in gender roles. The viewer gets an idea of Lucas’ beliefs, the longing for freedom and his struggle on the way there. Luca (m / f / x) is the first documentary work by Ricarda Funnemann and Hannah Schwaiger.


Barefoot busker
GB, 2019
Directed by Stuart Pound

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A barefoot dancer possibly contravening local laws busks in St.Mark’s Square, Venice.

swarming symphony

Swarming Symphony
Sweden, 2019
Direction and choreography: Elle Frankenberg, August Florén

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A curious meeting between two cockroaches, inbetween light and darkness.
A stop motion animated love story in one act.

my house name is ninja

My House is Ninja
Directed by Guillaume Thomas
Choreography: House of Ninja

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Almost three decades after Willi Ninja declared: ‘I want to take Voguing not to just Paris is Burning, but I wanna take it to the real Paris, and make the real Paris burn. That’s what I wanna do’ in the documentary ‘Paris is burning’ (1991), Willi’s dream has come true. The Voguing scene is thriving in Paris and the House of Ninja is proudly carrying Willi’s legacy throughout the town.


GB, 2019
Direction and choreography: Jessica Wright, Morgann Runacre-Temple

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An abstract dining room. 26 Scottish Ballet dancers. And a lot of jelly…


GB, 2018
Directed by Billy Boyd Cape
Choreography: Botis Seva

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A film about love, abandonment and fatherhood. A collaboration with Botis Seva’s hip-hop theatre collective, Far From The Norm, and a Sadler’s Wells and Random Acts commission.


Spain, 2018
Directed by Rubin Stein
Choreography: Ana Blanco de Córdova

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A war. A child. A dream.


The Netherlands, 2018
Directed by Daphne Lucker
Choreography: Emma Evelein

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Three sisters grow up in a broken home. They are at each other’s mercy and survive as long as they are together. But is their loving connection strong enough to endure their gloomy surroundings?

Saturday, July 25, 5 p.m.
euphoria of being

The Euphoria of Being – Feature Documentary
Hungary, 2018
Direction and choreography: Réka Szabó

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The Hungarian Éva Fahidi was 18 when she and her family were deported to Auschwitz in 1944. She was separated from her family and learned after the war that all her 49 blood relatives had been murdered, including her parents and sister.
Director and dancer Réka Szabó became fascinated by Fahidi’s life story, documented in her book The Soul of Things. She reached out to the elderly Fahidi to ask if she would like to dance in a piece about her life, together with the young and acclaimed dancer Emese Cuhorka.
Szabó filmed the whole process, from the first meeting between the two main characters, to the development of the piece during exhausting rehearsals, and through to the first performance of Sea Lavender or The Euphoria of Being. The documentary also follows the blossoming of an intimate friendship between the three women. Slowly, Fahidi’s memories come alive. After a long life, she has accepted that she will always carry her trauma with her.

Saturday, July 25, 7 p.m.

Masschoreography: 7 dance films examining crowd movement.


Antistoli (counter uniform)
Greece, 2018
Direction and choreography: Pantelis Makkas

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Re-enactment of a historical event, the murder of student Alexis Grigoropoulos, participating in a demonstration on the evening of December 6, 2008 by an armed police officer. The murder triggered the explosion of a nationwide wave of indignation in Greece, which led to unprecedented intensity riots, mainly in Athens, the “worst since the restoration of democracy in 1974”. Those riots were the most massive demonstration – at least to that day- against the reality the austerity measures had imposed.
Sixty performers clash while the camera records in detail the violence, the emotions, the bodies, the faces, the energy, the fear that the dynamics of the crowd create. Pantelis Makka’s artistic viewing angle intervenes by developing, with the help of the high-speed camera (400 frames per second), the three minutes of intense live action into a 15-minute single shot.


Croatia, 2019
Directed by Sunčana Brkulj

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Singing skeletons dream about breaking free from their geometric formation, and taking a swim in the great, big, blue sea.
They march out of their red prison to the rythm of a power riff, but are met with hordes of angry spiders. The creatures battle on the sea surface, turning into a battle of dancing shapes and colors.


Metronomia – A Symphony
Finland, 2019
Direction and choreography: Iivo Kunervo Korhonen, Markus Aho, Nikke Bagge

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During the few minutes of arrival and departure of a metro train, a broad spectrum of human emotions is witnessed on the platforms.


Poland, 2017
Direction and choreography: Iwona Pasińska

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Human habitats, toxic relationships and untamed fears. Internal demons that exemplify social problems described on the front pages of newspapers.

drop out bodies

Drop out bodies
France, 2017
Directed by Ludivine Large-Bessette
Choreography: Mathieu Calmelet

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A monotonous silence envelops a group of men and women who are each standing still in front of their houses in a residential area. As the camera moves among them, they fall, one by one, in a random pattern. Their collapses are clearly irrevocable. The movement of the performers from immobility to choreographed descents is a contemporary reinterpretation of the macabre dance of the Middle Ages. The film questions the fatality of the human body and our individual and collective responsibilities in our complex time.


Lithuania, 2019
Directed by Luka Paulina Švėgždaitė

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A boxing machine’s routine during a weekend where young people hierarchy is being set.


France, 2019
Direction and choreography: (LA) HORDE

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In a world dominated by the fetish of commodity, is it still possible to have a spiritual experience in these consumerist sanctuaries? Does the individual succeed in creating its own subversive experience? The film was shot during a real festival, les Eurockéennes, which has about 40.000 visitors.

Sunday, July 26, 5 p.m.

Tanz-zu-Haus-nrw – Shortfilm
Germany 2020
Directed by Nora Pfahl
Choreography: Lecturers and artists at Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

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A joint project by the lecturers and artists at tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf in response to the lockdown.

Dance, choreography and camera

Nora Pfahl, Ivana Kisić, Stefanie Pla Pérez, Britta Koch, Ale Jara, Svenja Schulte, Barbora Briešková (La Loba), Othello Johns, Jost Budde, Laila Clematide, Mareike Focken, Rayboom, Gabi Koch, Emma Valtonen, Ivana Scavuzzo, Alfonso Bordi, Dawna P. Dryhorub, Carlo Melis, Takao Baba, Erika Winkler, Arnika Riede, Yim Ming Yong, Tanja Emmerich, Vanessa Claro, Bridget Q. Fearn, Annika Wolf, Zohair Zouirech, Daniel Luka, Tereza Matos, Zoe, Bouni D. Law, Reut Shemesh, Miro Mitrovic, Manis Sjahroeddin, Andrea Stegmaier, Irina Hortin, Janis & Zoé, Yeliz Pazar, Surena, Willie Stark, Alfredo Zinola, Chris Parker

draw a line

Draw a line – Feature Documentary
Germany, Nigeria 2019
Directed by Benedict Mirow
Choreography: Richard Siegal

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The documentary Draw a Line by Benedict Mirow accompanies Richard Siegal and Ballet of Difference during the rehearsal process for On body up to the celebrated world premieres in Cologne and Munich. It shows how the diverse troupe blossoms into one of the best modern dance companies of today and it celebrates the creative talents behind Ballet of Difference. Mirow also shot in Africa to trace the African roots of Siegal’s style with which he transformed the German dance scene. A powerful film about artistic freedom, the rousing power of electronic music and the brutal passion, painful discipline and touching sensuality of dance.

Sunday, July 26, 7 p.m.

Short films


Hong Kong, 2019
Direction and choreography: Hon Leung Wong

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Moving bodies between 2D and 3D.

jah intervention Jah_Kussa_Productions__12

Jah Intervention
Brazil, 2019
Direction and choreography: Welket Bungué and Daniel Santos

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Black people in Brazil are still more than half of the population of the country. Between 2005 and 2015 the number of black people murdered increased by 18% and this also made us the majority of homicide victims, accounting for 71% of all registered bodies. ‘Jah Intervention’ is a symbolic walk to exhaustion.

birds in the earth

Birds on the Earth
Finland, Norway, 2018
Directed by Marja Helander
Choreography: Birit Haarla and Katja Haarla

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Two Sámi (the indigenous people of Fennoscandia, from Finland) ballet dancers perform the contradiction between nature and modern lifestyle. Winner of the prestigious Risto Jarva award at the Tampere Short Film Festival.


Belgium, 2018
Direction and choreography: Maja Zimmerlin & Thomas Delord

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Inside or outside.
A connection through matter and its dissolution.
The earth, the stone, the sand, the sea.
Bodies. Connected.
Dry flowers pushing out from the sand. Dissolving.
Filled bodies, unstoppable.
Earth bodies, floating inside or outside.


Making men
Belgium, 2019
Directed by Antoine Panier
Choreography: Harold George

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Making Men examines the question of masculinity. This dance film zooms in on 4 individuals in the process of becoming men shot in the breathtaking landscape of Zimbabwe.


Poland, 2019
Direction and choreography: Iwona Pasińska

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Inspired by sculptures by Stanisław Szukalski. In the works of this artist, who causes strong emotions, the motif of the human body appears; one can see muscle tension, movement, gesture and expression. The sculpture is made of earth, of nature, of which man is a part.
Created in the Izerskie Mountains in the “Stanisław” quartz mine in Szklarska Poręba. The Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains hide secrets, they are a place where magic mixes with reality, where the history of the legendary Mountain Spirit is still alive.


USA, 2018
Direction and choreography: Larkin Poynton, Chris Martin, Andrew Ellis, Ben Stamper

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A young woman searches for a sense of home after experiencing a loss of innocence. As she treks through desolate terrain, she envisions new possibilities of family, made vivid through the supportive choreography around her. The familial support pulls her along her journey to negotiate her shifting sense of self and find a sense of home in her new identity.

constant changes

Constant Changes, Silent Witnesses
Turkey, 2019
Direction and choreography: Jasmin İhraç
Parkour: Berkay Yunus Kaplan

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A story about the wandering, the transformation processes in Istanbul, the disappearance of old and green spaces, the displacement of people and their resistance. Witnesses to these rights are the trees of the city, some up to 700 years old, like silent observers.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 10 - 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Workshop: Making Dance Films with Michael Maurissens


If you feel like making dance films yourself, you can take part in a workshop on the subject. The two-day workshop is led by experienced dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Michael Maurissens.
After completing his dance training in Munich and Zurich, he worked e.g. with greats of contemporary dance such as Amanda Miller, William Forsythe, Katy Duck and Georg Reischl. In 2009, together with his colleague Douglas Bateman, he founded the MichaelDouglas collective in Cologne. For some years now, Michael Maurissens has been working with various media beyond filmmaking as a filmmaker, cameraman and editor.

The “Moovy” Dance Film Festival is supported by the Kunststiftung NRW, the International Film School Cologne (ifs) and the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.