Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln.
05. 07. 2021
Tanzfilm Workshop Michael Maurissens

Dance Film Workshop with Michael Maurissens

An intensive creation studio for (dance) artists, where participants work in a collaborative way on their own short dance film.

From initial inspiration, to conceptualization, to production and finally post-production: participants will be guided through the different stages of a film production and produce their own dance film.It is both a format for individual creativity, an opportunity to practice and learn artistic, aesthetic and technical skills, and a wonderful format for sharing and collaborative practices.

Michael Maurissens was born in Brussels, where he started his dance training. He went on to study dance at the Heinz Bosl Foundation in Munich (1991-1992) and at the Swiss Ballet Vocational School in Zurich (1992-1993 – with the support of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation) and was engaged by Ballett Nürnberg/ Tanzwerk Nürnberg, Ballett Freiburg pretty ugly, the National Theater Mannheim and Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln.

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In 2009 he founded the MichaelDouglas Collective together with colleague Douglas Bateman.
The collective’s focus is on research into collaborative art production and the development of collective creation methods in a performance context. Through an independent and accountable structure, the collective addresses the challenges of its artistic choices, such as working as a non-hierarchical structure, reducing the usual temporal parameters for the development of artistic processes (One Week Stand), and fostering dialogue and exchange at the intersections of disciplines and issues such as communication, architecture, sociology, psychology, and conflict resolution.
For several years Michael Maurissens has been working with media beyond the means of dance art, in the field of graphic design, photography and film (as a filmmaker, cinematographer and editor) and in 2013 he completed his postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne; his studies focused on scenography, applied visual arts and documentary film. Today he directs and produces films, experimental video works, performance documentaries and participates in collaborative visual art projects. Further information:

Workshop for virtual reality and dance with Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid

InSight – Site Specific within a Dancer’s Mind.
Dancing with VR Technology (Workshop and VR dance event)

How dance can interact with Virtual Reality technology? Which insights can we gain from exchanging between bodily movements and virtual visions? The workshop “Insight – Site Specific within a Dancer’s Mind” offers a philosophical, as well as practical exploration of what movement, vision, touch and being an insightful body means to us. By exploring the insights, we can gain from embodying the visions and inner speech of a dancer while dancing, the workshop and VR experience will lead into reflecting the body and the many layers of its significance, especially in times of increased dependence on technological communication.

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The VR experience and workshops are supported by Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Moovy Festival and #TakeCare Neu Start Kultur, Fonds Darstellende Künste Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid is a philosopher, a dance maker and a dramaturge. She led the interdisciplinary research project “Playing with Virtual Realities” for dancing with the VR technology HTC Vive, as part of her postdoctoral research fellowship at the Excellence Cluster Image Knowledge Gestaltung at Humboldt University of Berlin. She is the author of Embodied Philosophy in Dance; Gaga and Ohad Naharin’s Movement Research (Palgrave Macmillan 2016), a co-founder of Mo.Ré, a collective for movement research, and serves as a core convener of the international network Performance Philosophy and on the Editorial Board of the series Studies in Dance, of the Dance Studies Association. She has a PhD in philosophy from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. Her work and research are in the intersection of ethics, hermeneutics, dance aesthetics, technology and culture-making. As part of her collaboration with she staged a dance performance with the VR technology HTC Vive (Premiere: DOCK11 Berlin 25/1/2018), and a participatory immersive dance events using the VR headset Oculus Go and 360 camera (premiere: DOCK11 28.4).