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11. Constant_

Constant Changes, Silent Witnesses
Turkey, 2019, 17′
Direction and choreography: Jasmin İhraç
Parkour: Berkay Yunus Kaplan

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A story about the wandering, the transformation processes in Istanbul, the disappearance of old and green spaces, the displacement of people and their resistance. Witnesses to these rights are the trees of the city, some up to 700 years old, like silent observers.

1. Oceans Memories (c) All we can do is dance

Ocean’s Memories
France, 2015, 9′
Director: Bertrand Guery and Thibaut Ras
Choreography: Thomas Guerry

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‘Ocean’s memories’ unfolds an encounter between a dancer and a musician, musing along a deserted beach. The elements of cold light, wind, water and golden sand, mix to accompany their vivid choreography.

2. HENK-3-export

The Netherlands, 2018, 7‘
Directed by Sergio Gridelli
Choreography: Andreas Denk, Josephine van Rheenen

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Henk leads an idiosyncratic and eccentric life. When a young woman unexpectedly enters into his world, he is forced to face the confrontation.

3. Move

Kanada, 2017, 4′
Regie: Marlene Millar
Choreographie: Sandy Silva

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Gathered in a train car waiting on the tracks, destination unknown, nine dancers and singers perform a soulful rendition of the gospel song “You Gotta Move” accompanied by body percussion.

4. Vanishing_point-413

Vanishing Points
Canada, 2014, 6′
Director: Marites Carino
Choreography: Tentacle Tribe

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Like two molecules unknowingly affecting one another in space and briefly crossing paths, conceptual hip-hop dancers collide and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity on the streets of Montreal.

5. Son du Serpent(C)Tami Ravid

Son du Serpent
Benin/ The Niederlands, 2015, 11′
Direction: Tami Ravid

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Son du Serpent tells the story in road movie style of a modern African man and his frantic search for his wife, who has disappeared. Yearning for his beloved, he strays into a supernatural reality – knowing it’s possible that he has lost her to this invisible world.

6. Gatha

China, 2017, 15’49”
Director: Chenglong Tang
Choreographer: Chenglong Tang

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Gatha tells the story of two Tibetan brothers’ prostrating pilgrimage to Mount Kangrinboqe, or Mount Kailash, where the elder brother unfortunately died on the road.

7. 999_14

Lithuania, 2019, 4′
Directed by Luka Paulina Švėgždaitė

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A boxing machine’s routine during a weekend where young people hierarchy is being set.

8. Cold_Storage_poster_IMG_5280_6000px

Cold Storage
Finland, 2016, 8”46′
Director: Thomas Freundlich
Choreographer: Valtteri Raekallio

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On a desolate arctic shore, a lonely ice fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the sea ice, and thaws him out as his newfound soul brother. A wild all-night drinking and dancing party ensues.

9. Anasa 03

Belgium, 2018, 4′
Direction and choreography: Maja Zimmerlin & Thomas Delord

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Inside or outside.
A connection through matter and its dissolution.
The earth, the stone, the sand, the sea.
Bodies. Connected.
Dry flowers pushing out from the sand. Dissolving.
Filled bodies, unstoppable.
Earth bodies, floating inside or outside.

10. Genna

Belgium, 2020, 3’23”
Written and directed by : Thomas Delord & Maja Zimmerlin

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Soft stone shedding.
Hard water, merging veins.
Inside or outside. Bodies, connected.
The earth, the stone, the air, the sea.
Cold scream of burning lungs. Creating.
Path bodies, planting bodies, growing bodies.
Connected. Inside or Outside.

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