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German Sport University Cologne (DSHS)

Dance Film
Lecture by Prof. Blas Payri

Reflections on dance for the screen versus dance for the stage.

In this conference we will address the differences and similarities between the creation for stage dance and dance for the screen, in its broadest sense of videodance, dance film or video art that includes body movement. The conference will take the form of reflections based on experience and analysis of recent and old video dance works. The conference is addressed to choreographers and dancers in order for them to acquire concepts and ideas in order to approach the conception of video dance or to be able to work for the camera in the most effective and creative way. We will deal with the relationship between music, movement and editing, direct sound, camera strategy, and the question of the time of the choreography in relation to the time of the audiovisual work.

Blas Payri is a professor of audiovisual communication at the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia, creator of videodance works and composer/sound artist. He also organizes videodance festivals.

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Pluto’s call

Ucraine, 2021, 2:13
Direction and choreography: Roman Korzhuk

Are you ready for the challenge?

Tarantella JPG


Germany, 2021, 3
Direction and choreography: Dimitra Kalpakidou und Michael Sgouropoulos

Beauty, fragility, power and fright – the amplified view on one part oft he body raises ambivalent emotional states. It’s all in one hand.

Flow - outside inside out

Flow – outside inside out

Deutschland, 2021, 3:30
Direction and choreography: Nina Ehlen

In a physical dialogue between a dancing woman and the dynamically conducted camera Flow – outside inside out opens and occludes spaces and perspectives.

In between


Deutschland, 2021, 5:39
Direction and choreography: Magdalena Schmitt, Andrea Kößler

The shortfilm in|between reflects on the feeling of not knowing how to take first steps. How do we know if something already has started or has come to an end? Are we living in an endless loop in between?

Dancing in the Circle

Dancing in the circle

Germany, 2021, 4:11
Direction Zawada Mograbi, Choreography: Luisa Belke

As a central element of Brazilian dance culture, the circle is the scene of the wrestling of samba and capoeira, between which the dancer feels torn although she combines both.

(c) Dignity N. Görts

Dignity (Würde)

Germany, 2021, 6:02
Direction and choreography: Nadja Görts

Is human dignity inviolable?
In the garden room of the Cromford mansion, four dancers grapple with their understanding of dignity. Dressed in workers’ overalls, they form a considerable contrast to the sumptuously furnished room, which was once facilitated by child labor in the 18th century. The diverse cultural origins of the dancers underline their different understanding of dignity and human rights.
The complexity of the topic is also supported with the help of fractal technology. For this, the dancers interact with a separate camera, which was placed directly in front of a monitor showing the filmed images. The inertia of the image transmission results in a time delay in the choreography and thus creates new approaches to movement. The result is a kaleidoscope as versatile as the understanding of dignity itself.

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Germany, 2021, 3:20
Direction and choreography: Mischa Ovtchinnikov, Simon Liersam

Building an own mood by help of surreal language, movement and sound composition. Digging in his own mind a guy is dancing on a MPC during quarantine.

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Germany, 2021, 4:52
Direction and choreography: Felix Müller, Darya Myasnikova

Who can escape the feeling of security when immersed in nature?
In emphatically reduced movements of the experimental dance, Darya Myasnikova designed a choreography about a Russian poem, which is dedicated to the eternal theme of creation and the bond with the ancestors. With poetic images and intense, calm camera work, Felix Müller succeeds in creating a suction effect that takes the viewer with him into the soul-warming confidence of being part of the big picture.

Caught in Plastic

Germany, 2021, 1:11
Direction and choreography: Mats Willems, Philip Schürk

Two dancers performing a modern dance in a surreal scenery. As they move further they get trapped in plastic. A metaphor for modern pollution of world oceans as well as a dystopian dance video.



Germany, 2021, 3:50
Direction and choreography: Michail Sgouropoulos, Pauline Block

CONTRAST is an abstract visual experience witch willfully creates tension by splitting one Storyline into a parallel stream of interlinking events. It is a dialogue of physical movement and tension.

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Before We Collide

UK, 2021, 1‘11‘‘
Direction: Guy Gooch, Gregor Petrikovic

In a haunting encounter, the film captures our fragmented perception of time during the pandemic while exploring the dynamics of mutual support.
The film does not give the impression that it is made for me, you, or anyone for that matter. It simply exists as an artefact that can be witnessed, like found footage of a ghostly apparition.

Go with the Flow JPG

Go with the Flow

Germany, 2021, 1‘11“
Direction and choreography: Ben Cziesla

They appear to be different but they share the same tasks, obstacles, ups and downs. Live goes on for all of us. Go with the flow.

Photo 1 RainJaaksoo_animatsioonSamm_eelvaade_ME17_Pallas

The Step

Estland, 2019, 2‘09‘‘
Direction: Rain Jaaksoo

A pair of worn shoes gets tired of laying on the bedroom floor and decides to take its owner for a walk outside. Their impetuous journey comes to a happy end.