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16 & 17 March | 11:00 – 16:00

Dance 4.0 –
Dance, film and research
in the digital transformation

Museum of Dance
in der German Dance Archive Cologne
Im Mediapark 7 | 50670 Cologne

© A VIRTUAL DANCE TALE (2023) Concept: Anke Euler, Marcel Karnapke, Björn Lengers & Helge Letonja | Choreography: Helge Letonja with the dancers from Of Curious Nature

Symposium DTK

Dance 4.0 – 
dance, film and science
in the digital transformation


With their symposium on 16 and 17 March 2024, the German Dance Archive Cologne and the Moovy Dance Film Festival are offering a two-day platform for the exchange between curatorial practice, artistic creation and interdisciplinary research.

New forms of seeing and creating are currently emerging at the interface of dance, film and digitality. Virtual and augmented realities are expanding the scope for choreographic play and creation and changing our understanding of dance and movement. Streamings, apps and digital platforms are creating new stages for dance. How are science and research reacting to these developments? How are digital technologies changing artistic dance creation? What opportunities and risks do artists see in them? And last but not least: How are theaters, cultural institutions and festivals changing as a result?

The symposium is divided into 4 thematic blocks, the discussions of which will be introduced by keynote speeches from experts:

1) PRESENT | Analysis of current immersive choreographies – what dramaturgical patterns are recognisable, what new aesthetics have emerged?

2) STRATEGIES | Discussion of curatorial aspects and criteria that characterise the field of VR & AR now and in the future. How can these new forms of art and expression be optimally presented?

3) COMMUNICATION | How can typical VR & AR aspects such as embodiment be communicated? Both to a technically savvy audience and to people who have reservations about new technology.

4) FUTURE | How can we shape dance, film and science in the digital transformation? With a view to the current cultural-political situation, we would like to conclude by discussing visions for the future of dance, science and film.


The discussions will be opened by keynote speeches from experts – we are very much looking forward to guest contributions from Dr. Harmony Bench (Ohio State University), André Bücker (Staatstheater Augsburg), Wayne Götz (artist at the interface between physical theatre and AI), Prof. Dr Yvonne Hardt (Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz | Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln), Dr phil. Jonathan Harth (University of Witten / Herdecke), Marcus Lobbes (Academy for Theatre and Digitality Dortmund), Prof. Melissa de Raaf (Academy of Media Arts Cologne), Prof. Dr Claudia Steinberg, (Institute for Dance and Movement Culture | German Sport University Cologne) and Lena Thiele (ifs filmschule Cologne).


Concept: Thomas Thorausch, Deputy Director German Dance Archive Cologne & Ágota Harmati, Artistic Director Moovy Dance Film Festival.



Free admission