XR: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

23 – 25.07.2021, 12 p.m.-6 p.m.
Café im Museum Ludwig und
Heinrich – Böll – Platz (am Museum Ludwig und an der Philharmonie)
Alte Feuerwache, Melchiorstraße 3, 50670 Köln

Virtual Reality & Dance in the Café in the Museum Ludwig
12 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Foto Rendez_Vous Cafe 3


Germany, 2020, 10′
Direction and choreography: Fabien Prioville

The café in the Museum Ludwig turns into a virtual stage: visitors are put on glasses at a festively laid table and immerse themselves in another reality: they are observers of a choreography and at the same time experience the dance in a real way in the surrounding space.

Augmented Reality & Dance, Heinrich - Böll - Platz
(at the Museum Ludwig and at the Philharmonie)
12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

0AR (zero AR)

GB 2018
Direction and Choreography: Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Lecoq

A collection of short dance works in Augmented Reality (AR) suitable for all ages. Based on the 2005 ground-breaking production zero degrees – a collaboration between Sadler’s Wells Associate Artists Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan and Nitin Sawney, with sculptor Antony Gormley.

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AΦE wanted to bring the liveness and collective aspect of the theatrical experience into AR, reimagining the application of this technology. 0AR is therefore a communal experience where audience members using five connected devices can interact in real time with one another and experience extracts of the original work popping up in 3D.


Dance Trail

Switzerland 2019
Direction and Choreography: Gilles Jobin

Dance Trail is an augmented reality app that invites you to a self-guided augmented dance journey. Developed by leading contemporary dance group Cie Gilles Jobin, unlock surreal dance performances in the streets, in your neighbourhood, or in the palms of your hand. Simply download the app on your smartphone to place dancers anywhere you want and video capture them to share on social media.



UnStumm | Global Virtual Stages

organized and curated by Nicola L. Hein and Claudia Schmitz
supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

With UnStumm | Global Virtual Stages Claudia Schmitz and Nicola L. Hein invite artists* from the countries Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Germany and USA to telematic real-time performances in augmented reality. Worldwide audience participation will take place through the new UnStumm IOS / Android app. The app can be downloaded from the UnStumm website and enables participation in three-dimensional live performances as well as the subsequent streaming of past performances in augmented reality.


Virtual Reality & Dance in the Alten Feuerwache
12 p.m. - 6 p.m.


360° Film-Installation

Germany 2017, 29′
Direction and Choreographie: Sasha Waltz

Together with Sasha Waltz, 20 female dancers engage in rituals of femininity and explore the body images associated with them. What happens when women come together and form alliances?

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And how can our knowledge of the past inform the development of new feminist movements which move beyond a battle of the sexes? Inspired in part by Judy Chicago’s iconic work »The Dinner Party« (1979, Brooklyn Museum, New York), Sasha Waltz is working for the first time with an all-woman ensemble. In Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s St. Elisabeth Church, the live performance interacts with one of Berlin’s architectural icons, as do the dancers with the audience to create an immersive experience of space. Parallel a 360° filmic version was developed and also filmed in the architecture of the Schinkel church. This virtual reality experiment of Sasha Waltz’ »Women« allows the public with a VR bril to move freely through the space and experience the choreography in their own way and through their indiviual perspective.

Direction and Choreography: Sasha Waltz

Music: Soundwalk Collective

Stage: Sasha Waltz, Thomas Schenk

Costume: Christine Birkle

Licht: Martin Hauk

Dramaturgy: Jochen Sandig

Repetition: Michal Mualem

Dance and Performance: Liza Alpízar Aguilar, Claudia Catarzi, Maria Marta Colusi, Clémentine Deluy, Lisa Densem, Hwanhee Hwang, Lorena Justribó Manion, Florencia Lamarca, Maureen Lopez Lembo, Annapaola Leso, Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Thusnelda Mercy, Michal Mualem, Sasa Queliz, Zaratiana Randrianantenaina, Yael Schnell, Claudia de Serpa Soares, Wibke Storkan, Takako Suzuki, Charlotte Zerbey

360° Filing, Camera: Christian Möller

Assistat Camera: Kevin Uhland

Sound: Thomas Koch


World premiere at the St. Elisabeth Church in Berlin August 30, 2017 as part of Tanz im August – 29th International Dance Festival Berlin presented by HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

A production of Sasha Waltz & Guests in collaboration with IN.VR SPACE with the kind support of Ernst Schering Foundation and Kultur Büro Elisabeth. Sasha Waltz & Guests is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Das Totale Tanz Theater 360

Germany 2019, 8′
Directed by Maya Puig
Choreography: Richard Siegal

Founded 2019 years ago in Weimar, the Bauhaus’s influence on architecture, art, design and educational science can still be felt today. 100 years ago, the question of people’s role in the mechanical age was tackled on the Bauhaus stage in both artistic and experimental terms.

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Das Totale Tanz Theater has taken up the theme, exploring the question of the role of people in the digital age in the form of a virtual reality dance experience, inspired by the stage experiments of Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius, with choreography by Richard Siegal. A project of the Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome.”

Dust_03_imagery displayed in VR headset_viewer in the immediate presence of the dancer_dancer Roman Zotov


Czech Republic 2017, 4′
Direction: Mária Júdová, Andrej Boleslavský
Choreography: Mária Júdová, Andrej Boleslavský

Inspired by how almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a stardust, including our bodies. Drawing inspiration from these eternal particles which were part of our bodies for an incredibly short moment…

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as well as the motif of the unthinkable world expressed by the philosophy book In the Dust Of This Planet by Eugene Thacker, DUST seeks to reimagine our perception of body, space and time with the use of digital technologies. It merges real and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical and digital co-exist and interact in real time. “


Half life

Sweden 2018, 12′
Directed by Robert Connor
Choreography: Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

Two soloists making small, repetitive movements. Eleven other dancers then join them to form a cyborg-like ensemble, progressing as a unit through a series of angular movements and poses. They are like a swarm of bees working in unison, grouping and regrouping to the beat of minimal techno.

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But there’s one dancer who stands out from the rest. Could it be the queen? Virtual Reality adaptation of award winning choreographer Sharon Eyal’s critically acclaimed dance piece Half Life performed by the Royal Swedish Ballet.



Germany 2018, 15′
Direction and Choreography: Karolina Markiewicz und Pascal Piron

Sublimation is an interactive installation based VR experience for every one of you – you learn to make art through butoh movements. A physical metaphor of what is art within human history and more specifically what is an artistic form like butoh dance.Sublimation is an interactive virtual reality experience about dance and the freedom of creation — the metaphor of creation.

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In a safe environment, the visitor encounters the avatar of a dancer and learns simple and slow movements of butoh — a Japanese contemporary dance. Based on the personal performance of this choreography, related to the creative potential of life, the visitor creates a unique virtual environment. Guided by a voice over and an interactive soundscape, everyone is able to create shapes and colors. Each creation aggregates in a unique visual, but also musical composition, as every visitor is unique in the interpretation of the movements she/he will perform.
Sublimation is a location based virtual reality experience and is shown in a three-act installation. Sublimation was prototyped 2018 during the XR Creator’s Lab in Munich and the VR Days in Amsterdam. The project was selected for the 2019 Biennale College Cinema VR, and was among the 3 finalists.
Sublimation premiered 2019 at the 76th Venice Biennale Cinema.
Writer-Directors: Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron – Production: INVR SPACE (Astrid Kahmke, Sönke Kirchhof) – Dancer: Yuko Kominami – Voice: Elisabet Johannesdottir – Music: Kevin Muhlen – Technical Director: Fabrizio Palmas – VFX Creative Technologist: Antoine Thiry – UX Creative Technologist: Stefan Laimar – Sound: Stefan Bock, Stefan Zaradic Interactive virtual reality experience, approx. 15mn, 2019

Wombsong_still 4


Finland 2018, 7′
Directed by Hanna Västinsalo
Choreography: Meeri Lempiäinen

A 360 ° view of the uterus. Finnish filmmaker Hanna Västinsalo and choreographer Meeri Lempiäinen research the relationship between a pregnant dancer and her child.



Australia 2018, 14′
Directed by Dominic Allen
Choreography: David Gulpilil

A journey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander song and dance through time and space across Australia, from traditional ceremonial dance and song, towards intrinsically contemporary and modern expressions.

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You’ll encounter the contemporary dancers of Bangarra performing at the Sydney Opera House, The Lonely Boys rocking out in Alice Springs, and performers of songs and dances used to share knowledge and culture for thousands of years. An affecting journey rich in ancient cultural significance, every bit as soaring as the viewing experience itself.”

DL - 11 karvahatut

Devil’s Lunghs

Finland 2018, 10′
Directed by Alla Kovgan
Choreography: Reetta-Kaisa Iles in collaboration with Dance Theater Tsuumi

Mystical stories about Finnish accordion collected by the accordion virtuoso and composer Anne-Mari Kivimäki; an eclectic mix of Finnish folk and contemporary dance traditions in the dazzling performances by choreographer Reetta-Kaisa Iles and Tsuumi Dance Theatre;

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fierce ethno-rock sounds of Kivimäki/Iles band “Puhti” inspired filmmaker Alla Kovgan to dive into virtual reality. The result is a surreal deadpan 3D VR 360º experience, challenging boundaries between traditional and contemporary, male and female, hellish and heavenly, ecstatic and everyday, celebrating power of women through Finnish music and dance.”

SC symphony image 2

Skeleton Conductor

Finland 2020
Direction and Choreography: Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Express yourself through physical presence in VR. Conducting music and visuals through your movement in an intimate immersive XR experience which emphasises self reflective kinaesthetic awareness. Hanna Pajala-Assefa, Cross-media Choreographer in collaboration with: Daniel Leggat, Interactivity & Visual Designer Janne Storm, Interactive Sound Designer.

through you 2

Throgh You

USA 2017, 14′
Direction and Choreography: Lily Baldwin, Saschka Unseld

A sensual love story that lasts over decades. A recognisable, emotionally strong tale about different stages of a relationship which shift the viewer’s balance – sometimes even literally.

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By relying on traditional tools of filmmaking, such as camera movement and fast-paced editing, the viewer is being shaken in a way which resonates comprehensively the emotional experience of the story.
Camera: Dagmar Weaver-Madsen”

Ego Cure Making Of

Ego Cure

Finland 2017, 20′
Direction: Synes Elischka
Choreography: Janina Rajakangas, Kaisa Kukkonen

A narrative virtual reality short film following a contemporary dance choreographer’s struggle to create a masterpiece, while facing a group of disinterested dancers, an unpleasant producer and the otherworldly curator – and simultaneously facing her own inner demons.

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The viewer is a part of the story and its events, eventually having an impact on the ending and solution. This piece unconventionally mixes together a new technical approach of stereoscopic 360 video, CGI animation and interaction between the viewer and the art piece, stretching the limits of filmmaking.

InSight – Site Specific within a Dancer’s Mind.

Germany 2021, 10′
Direction and Choreography: Einav Katan-Schmid

What do movement, vision and touch mean to us? Insight – Site Specific within a Dancer’s Mind explores the insights we can gain from embodying the visions and inner speech of a dancer while dancing. This VR-dance film aims to lead into feeling the body and reflecting the many layers of its significance, especially in times of increased dependence on technological communication.

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Premiere: 23-25 July Moovy Tanzfilmfestival, 12-18

at Alte Feuerwache Köln.

Director and choreographer: Einav Katan-Schmid

Editor: Jiha Jeon Sound Editor: Mathieu Hebeisen

Performers: Teresa Foerster, Andrea Kößler, Nadja Görts, Magdalena Schmitt, Rebwar Rostami, Yvonne Emig, Aysu Marangoz

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

In collaboration with Institute for Dance and Movement Culture, German Sport University Cologne; Moovy Tanzfilmfestival, Cologne, Germany; ilDance, Sweden; Härnösand Folk High School, Sweden

Thanks: Ágota Harmati, Stephani Howahl, Lee Brummer, Israel Aloni, Danielle Dietz, Alexander Katan-Schmid

Rendez-Vous Tokyo

Rendez-Vous Tokyo

Japan 2020, 6′
Conceived and Choreographed by Fabien PriovilleFabien Prioville
A virtual reality video-dance installation that transforms the everyday landscape of the city
In addition to collaborations that have transcended the conventional distinctions between disciplines, generations, and professional and amateur performers, Fabien Prioville has recently created groundbreaking work that fuses contemporary dance with such technology as virtual reality and smartphones.

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Following several past projects and performances in Japan, he brought to Tokyo a specially modified version of “Rendez-Vous,” a VR video-dance installation performed and viewed in a public space like a park or cafe. The location for the installation is TRAM-PAL Otsuk. The experience of viewing bodies in such proximity at the same site, yet not actually there, challenges the audience’s senses and its preconceptions about how dance is usually perceived.
Conceived and Choreographed by Fabien Prioville
Performers: Midori Kondo, Asako Tanaka, Satoshi Nakagawa, Yuya Yoshizaki
Production Manager: Alexandra Schmidt
A fabien prioville dance company production The fabien prioville dance company is funded by the Ministry for the Arts and Science North Rhine Westphalia.
Music: UZAWA
Rehearsal Director: Azusa Seyama
Filming & Editing: Global Japan Corporation

Production Coordinators: Momoka Yunoki, Miki Kanai
In special cooperation with Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka